Graphic kitchen splashbacks 328

Graphic kitchen splashbacks 328


We can cover kitchen splashback with toughened glass featuring special printed film. When ordering, please keep in mind that it is impossible to process the glass pane, change dimensions, drill holes, etc. later on.

We use 6mm glass for large kitchen glass panes (starting from 2 000 mm).

Start ordering by choosing required properties:

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Dekoorklaas offers various conceptual solutions with smart production options and different materials.

Graphic kitchen splashbacks with an image is a good way to create mood and play with shades and images in the kitchen. We offer wide range of colourful solutions. For a start, choose an image or images with the mood, tonality, and interior of your liking. In addition to matching it with overall design and colours, consider daily practical needs – sockets, openings, etc. that will affect final look and practicability of the image. We also recommend to think in advance and consider what your family may need after two or three years.

If you find it all too complicated, you may ask our team to assist you. Dekoorklaas kindly offers own solutions to all our clients who share their wishes and ideas with us and involve interior designer or stylist to ensure flawless outcome that provides mood that suits your lifestyle.

The image is printed on special film and applied to the back of the toughened glass.